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Mobile Air is pleased to partner with MovinCool to help our customers satisfy all of their air conditioning needs. Ever since MovinCool developed their Classic 10 Spot Cooler back in 1982, they have been redefining the portable air conditioner industry. They’ve gone on to introduce the Classic, Classic Plus, and Office Pro lines of air conditioner products for indoor and outdoor use. No matter the application, you can't go wrong with the purchase or rental of a MovinCool portable air conditioner from Mobile Air.

With a MovinCool portable air conditioner, you can focus cool air exactly where it's needed. What many portable air conditioners don't cover, MovinCool will. Their portable AC units have been designed to go where you need them in order to keep things cool and comfortable.

For indoor environments such as computer and telecom rooms or offices, they offer the Office Pro Portable Air Conditioner Series. The Office Pro's programmable digital controls make it perfect for fully automatic after-hours and weekend operations.

For versatility within offices or factories, see the original line of MovinCool in the Classic Portable Air Conditioner Series. Ranging in sizes from 10,000 to 60,000 Btu/hr, there's a size to meet any spot cooler requirement. If you need more precise temperature control, the Classic Plus Series offers the same benefits as the Classic Series, plus digital temperature controls.

Also be sure to ask us about all of our dehumidifier options. We are all about helping you cool your hot spots and dry your wet spots. We're confident that we can meet your needs, whether you require computer room cooling, outdoor cooling or anything in between.

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